About Retreats we host 

Wellness Retreats about awareness, mindfulness and managing your stresses. These retreats are not about de-stressing while you’re there. It’s more about getting in touch with yourself and learning techniques to manage.

Meditation Retreats where you can discover real bliss and inner peace. Being designed to help you slow down and block out distractions that prevent us from focusing on ourselves.

Massage Retreats focus on putting you first to decompress and detox through different forms of massage such as: relaxation and healing; energy and vitality; deep therapeutic; essential oils.

Adventure Retreats held here to enlighten you with physical activity in a beautiful setting. Your adventure includes tours of scenic areas around our lodge to inspire. We have our spa tubs in rooms to help you wind down after an eventful day.

Yoga Retreats gives you the opportunity to reconnect and deepen your yoga practice with other yogis.

Couples Retreats are a romantic getaway to embrace a healthy and fun relationship.

Call Joanna for details and bookings